Thursday, July 18, 2013

How To Collage Like KanchanCollage AKA Kanchan Mahon

I have tried to explain my collage making process but keep getting stalled, unable to articulate the process or the thought behind it. It’s hardly useful for you all to hear me say. Well I pick a painting of a beautiful woman. Then I add flowers, or other times I add abstract shapes. Nor do I think I’m very good at breaking down what comes natural to my eye. What I know of color choices and composition, and what I could tell you can easily be found at your local library (AKA Google) under “Principles of Art.” I can’t say when I go out of my way to use a complementary color here or a split color choice here, because I don’t do it consciously. So I thought if I can show you what I start with and where it goes, maybe you could infer my process. Also if you care to, you may also find you’ve picked up some of my style along the way.I’m not sure about that last part. I have seen other people imitate my style, but when I ask my family they can always tell it’s not mine. To begin with~ Then (I’m sorry but it sounds ridiculous to say “Then I cut it out.”) The art I choose is old enough that the artist died 70 years ago or more. That leaves us in the ballpark of 1900 usually. Usually hair is the most difficult to cut out, but luckily the hairstyles were usually bound, braided or coifed in some manner. “Where do you get these images???????” You all are asking. I invested in a good color printer. Laser printer makes images that are waterproof, inkjet images can’t get wet or be sealed with certain materials. Still I hear you “Where?" The internet. Plain and simple. Later this week I’ll mention some actual url addresses of some very helpful websites for picking art. Here I cut out mainly flowers, and you see what I get:
This was painted by Albert Edelfelf and is called Virginie. It is copyright free.
I called this “Dripping Roses” Later this week I’ll show some more of these “Before and After” if it seems helpful. I have already written about materials, I will give the advice of a collage collective both on adhesives and what to glue onto. Good day from New York, ~Kanchan