Monday, October 31, 2011

Hope you had a Happy Halloween everyone ... 

Moet & Chandon 

Girl With A Fan

Your life may not have

 such a happy beginning,

but that doesn’t make you

who you are,

 it is the rest of your story,

who you who you choose to be.

Dana 6”x 6”   

Goodnight for New York, ~Kanchan

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Heavenly Posting

It’s snowing on Halloween eve in New York!

Should be fun tomorrow!
Enjoy some of my latest collages. 

Musing 6”x 7”  Paper collage.

The Queen of Heaven 6”x 7” Paper collage.

Frida’s Gown 12”x 12” Paper collage.

Goodnight from New York ~Kanchan

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shells In The Bush

I found my good friend Michelle Reynolds through her incredible art. I have never seen anything like it.  She makes the most vibrant and vividly joyful paintings and mixed media pieces I have ever seen. 

Check out her incredible website Shells In The Bush

Michelle lives in Australia, in the bush and here she talks about  her inspiration and her life.

 I an artist, creatrix and sunset photographer who lives on several acres of natural bush with my hubby, two teenage boys, kangaroos, bandicoots, kookaburras and cockatoos. Two years ago I started drawing classes and then fell in love with acrylic paints. In April last year I discovered mixed-media portrait collages and have been creating art ever since.

Here is one of her latest pieces and you can see exactly what I mean about her incredible 
creativity. I love the way her flowers have turned into hearts. She has taken bold colors  and created an Escher-like effect.

 Her paintings are a reflection of her warm personality and loving heart.
These are the things we treasure in the truest of friends.

Thanks Michelle, for your inspiration and the beauty you bring to the word.

Good Day from New York’s October snow storm

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What’s worth celebrating about a broken leg?

Simple, I broke my leg in two places. I was in a wheelchair with a quite fashionable little boot  … didn’t you know all the best dressed are wearing only one?

Anywho,  I had done some scrap-booking, and some book altering with mixed media. (Fancy was to say I was grooving on gluing bits and pieces of paper, jewelry and wire  to an old hardcover  book.)  

Then my man looked  beyond my sticky fingers  (covered in glue and OK, maybe, just maybe, some maple syrup) … and he said  “That is so cool!  If you  make that bigger  I’d hang that on the wall.” Being the faithful woman that I  am, I complied and … to my surprise … I enjoyed it so much I haven’t stopped since. Here’s the third one I made outside the books, so to speak.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Free collage art available at Dream Images

Free collage art available at Dream Images
25 pieces are being given away at my art website.
Here are my latest collages which are also on sale there.

Good visual art looks stunningly right and, in retrospect, obvious, or inevitable-- yet it's also continually surprising. It is a powerful paradox. How can someone have possibly made this? How in the world could it not have been made? 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coming Fall

In solitude of winter we will soon be. 
Clairvoyant Paper collage. 8” x 9"

So let’s enjoy the fall. I am enjoying some autumn colors, warmer, richer, and new for me. I guess we have seasons of our art, just as we have seasons in our year, and seasons in our lives.

Till winter comes and then:
In A Whirl Paper collage. 12” x 15"

I am as patient as the mountains 
and as deep as the seas, 
as warm as the nestlings 
and as lonely as the trees.
Grenadine Paper collage. 8” x 12"

Hope you all are enjoying a crisp autumn day and have a wonderful weekend. ~Kanchan

Sunday, October 2, 2011

~ Like fresh ideas ~ If Art is like cooking ... Then collage is a salad.

~ Like fresh ideas ~

If Art is like cooking ... Then collage is a salad, full of great combinations. Like salad it is refreshing, nurishing, satisfying, always new. Each of my pieces is like a three course meal, food for the soul. The main course is the focal point, the feature, an enigmatic woman. The fresh vegetables, like spring greens, are good for you like fresh ideas. What holds it all together is something with long lasting sweetness like corn. All satisfying soul food.