Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dream Images Collage Art by Kanchan Mahon

Happy Valentine’s Day! 
 Today is a day for celebrating love!

 My honey took me out to dinner out at our favorite restaurant.

 Now my honey didn’t buy me diamonds (I’d rather have a good color printer!) 

 He didn’t buy me flowers (I beat him to that and bought some for myself two weeks ago.) 

 But he bought me something even better … chocolate … 

 He knows how to get to his woman’s heart: through my stomach, for sure. 

 And more importantly he knows that the way to my heart is through humor … 

 His idea of funny is to write on my blog when I’m not looking. 

 This is what he wrote when I was getting a drink:

 "FEAR ME!!!
 I am your terrible queen!!! 
Obey me or perish in my wrath!” 

His idea of a message of love for the world, is to make fun of my opinionated, stubborn, ways. 

He’s making fun of the fact that I am … well … pushy …

That I am someone who likes making the decisions …  that I like being the Queen of My Castle. 

But more than anything else, I love the man who makes silly jokes about his wife.

I love him enough to laugh at his funny and his not-so-funny jokes. 

Oh,  and if you were wondering about  the title of today’s blog post...

It’s to commemorate that today I got the url address that matches the name of the site: Dream Images.

I could not get the url for my website that I wanted because that uraddress was taken. 

But today I found out that www.DreamImages.org  was available! 

So I  I just changed the url address of my website from my name www.KanchanMahon.com

to an easier to spell alternative: www.DreamImages.org  

And also I have decided to make an attempt to teach my collage techniques. I have been asked to blog about my technique. I have avoided this so far because I didn’t think I could  explain them. I thought that because  my “method” is intuitive, that it cannot be defined, and that I would not be able to explain them. But why not try?

Hope you all had a great day!

Good night from New York ~Kanchan

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fine Art America A Nice Place To Sell Prints!

Check out the coolest place to sell your prints, by far!


 I got this one comment on an art print site, about my work:

<<"Also, I've seen work like yours on exhibition before but the components of the collages are usually also created by collage artist. After having a closer look, it appears the source elements for your collages are mostly found and not created by you. Is this correct? If so, can you sell collages pieced together of other artist's work, even if you add a bit of paint to them? I'm not saying you can't, because I really don't know. I've been doing some photomontage but only using my own images. I'm curious is anyone's work can be used for work that's for resale. Or, did you paint the images within the collages? Or, get them from public domain sources?”>>

Of course I answered him "Yes, You are correct about my materials" and "Yes, You can sell them", and "I use only copyright free images." But my point is what a cool way to ask a tough question!

He never actually says “All you do is glue them together, right? Will people buy that? Are you allowed to do that?”  

I love it!

I don’t know, I thought you’d get a kick out of it, though!

An Offering 

Blue Iris


Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams




Stone Angel


Goodnight from New York,