Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dream Images Collage Art by Kanchan Mahon

Happy Valentine’s Day! 
 Today is a day for celebrating love!

 My honey took me out to dinner out at our favorite restaurant.

 Now my honey didn’t buy me diamonds (I’d rather have a good color printer!) 

 He didn’t buy me flowers (I beat him to that and bought some for myself two weeks ago.) 

 But he bought me something even better … chocolate … 

 He knows how to get to his woman’s heart: through my stomach, for sure. 

 And more importantly he knows that the way to my heart is through humor … 

 His idea of funny is to write on my blog when I’m not looking. 

 This is what he wrote when I was getting a drink:

 "FEAR ME!!!
 I am your terrible queen!!! 
Obey me or perish in my wrath!” 

His idea of a message of love for the world, is to make fun of my opinionated, stubborn, ways. 

He’s making fun of the fact that I am … well … pushy …

That I am someone who likes making the decisions …  that I like being the Queen of My Castle. 

But more than anything else, I love the man who makes silly jokes about his wife.

I love him enough to laugh at his funny and his not-so-funny jokes. 

Oh,  and if you were wondering about  the title of today’s blog post...

It’s to commemorate that today I got the url address that matches the name of the site: Dream Images.

I could not get the url for my website that I wanted because that uraddress was taken. 

But today I found out that www.DreamImages.org  was available! 

So I  I just changed the url address of my website from my name www.KanchanMahon.com

to an easier to spell alternative: www.DreamImages.org  

And also I have decided to make an attempt to teach my collage techniques. I have been asked to blog about my technique. I have avoided this so far because I didn’t think I could  explain them. I thought that because  my “method” is intuitive, that it cannot be defined, and that I would not be able to explain them. But why not try?

Hope you all had a great day!

Good night from New York ~Kanchan


  1. A magnificent assignment, congratulations, I love your work, I wish you well in this adventure.

    A hug from Spain

    Your companion of e-course (Kelly Rae Roberts)

    Beatriz Peñas

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