Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What’s worth celebrating about a broken leg?

Simple, I broke my leg in two places. I was in a wheelchair with a quite fashionable little boot  … didn’t you know all the best dressed are wearing only one?

Anywho,  I had done some scrap-booking, and some book altering with mixed media. (Fancy was to say I was grooving on gluing bits and pieces of paper, jewelry and wire  to an old hardcover  book.)  

Then my man looked  beyond my sticky fingers  (covered in glue and OK, maybe, just maybe, some maple syrup) … and he said  “That is so cool!  If you  make that bigger  I’d hang that on the wall.” Being the faithful woman that I  am, I complied and … to my surprise … I enjoyed it so much I haven’t stopped since. Here’s the third one I made outside the books, so to speak.

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