Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feeling Lost And Finding Myself

Lately I’ve been feeling lost, don’t know why. 

Everything is going well, so maybe I need to re-connect with myself.

It might be good to explain who I am. I found the perfect explanation of what I’m like from the unlikeliest places, the internet. I found a description of me that perfectly expresses who I am and how I think. See if you agree.

I like to live in the world of possibilities, and I get very passionate about things. I love life, that’s my first passion. Life is a gift, and I try to live it being true to myself.  

I try to be in the moment. I want to make each moment a step into what I love. It’s hard to do but I like a bit of excitement in life. I love change and new beginnings (hence all the butterflies and moths in my work).
So I think that  I may be feeling  a bit funky lately because, ironically,  I get bored with life when it’s going well. 

So, now, I will go to bed, with the desire to be accepting of what Is and to find joy in stability.


  1. Love and hugs - hope you have a great day. Goodnight. Shells xxx

  2. Life IS a gift. Hope you will be feeling more "found" very soon. :)