Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks Give The Days

This weekend is the time that we name a day for what we should be doing every day. It should be an everyday thanks giving. We should say every day I am thankful I'm here. Thankful that I am here safe. Thankful for my life. Let me live it well.

What we gives thanks for varies though. Thanks for you. Thanks for me and mine. Thanks for our love. Thanks for our dreams. Whether they come true or not. Thanks for our wishes whispered in the secret hush, in the hours that we know no other.

 What do you wish for?  Or do you already know what you have.  Do you know what you already have?  Are you thankful for it?   For in the quiet lives of many, lie the simple wishes of a few. A world sleeping peacefully below the stars this night.

 Thanks give the days. Thanks for my days and thanks for our days.  For we live in the shelter of each other. What we hope for one another is peace.  In the shelter of each other we want to live free. In the shelter of each other do the people live.

Good night from New York, ~Kanchan

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