Saturday, November 12, 2011

How To Alter The Space Around You

I would like to introduce you to a friend’s living room. I  am helping Sheri re-decorate her living room.  She wants my art as the focal point!  (gasp)  I am honored and thrilled by this news!  Every little step is going to be exciting!

As children, one of our first artistic expressions was to alter the space we were given. Regardless whether it was a corner of a bedroom shared by 3.

I was still poring over design magazines any free moment I got in medical school,  I had 9 subscriptions to decorating magazines, and I’ve been know to archive them and go back to them for as long as 15 years later. They were like my library of beauty.  

Chairs inspire me.  I’m delighted by paint chips, they come in the most glorious rainbows.  Even when I go to hotels, I bring a scarf, some essential oils … even that pretty handbag can be part of the overall scheme.

Just depends on where you park it at the end of the day. I’ve got a purse with  big bright silk-ribbon flowers. Two of these palm sized flowers are fuchsia pink!  How could I let that go to waste?  So you can see it from my living room, hung up near the door.

I’m going to tell you a little secret … If you know how to put together a great outfit you can do this.  If you can make a lovely anything you can do this. Quilters, knitters crafters everywhere, you can do this!

Jewelers, the same principles will apply. Create color and texture and you’ll be styling!

More than just paint chips  will be our  palette … Not just pillows, whole chairs will be the pieces. 
We’ll put paint on the walls, on the chairs, on the dresser, night table hutch, you name it. We can figure out how to reupholster simple chairs, slipcover anything and accessorize like the best of them. 

I’ve seen one chair in a vivid hue, make a whole room different. Less stuffy, more alive. 
I want to galvanize you into doing one of the these things over the next month! 
You love pretty so you can do it.

The elements of a gorgeous and inviting room are many and can be changed so easily. 

 Let’s fire our imaginations.

 Before we see what Sheri picked, why don’t you take  a look and see which piece you might pick for your room.   Click on the home page at the top or go here 

 This makes me feel  intoxicated.

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