Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art Lesson: Art Lessens our Anxieties

Stringing beads together can be like stringing a life together. The tranquility of working with jewelry, is soothing. Beading, wire wrapping, and linking jewelry require a focus on the elements of design. As I work with colors and forms, I don't need to think in sentences. Whlie the fluidity of language allows me to communicate effectively in my everyday life, I have found that creating art is wildly fulfilling. 

And perhaps surprisingly, creating art is even more important than the art itself. 

When I'm creating art, I have no need to think in sentences, I need not focus on my anxietes, worries or hurts. I stop the running soundtrack of my thoughts. I have no need to replay memories or to hesitate about my future. To swerve away from the constant chatters of our restless minds is so therapeutic, so healing. 

Designing jewelry is a parallel process to collage. I see both as essentially the arrangment of colors and forms with the transformation of many apparently disparate elements. The finished piece itself is fulfilling. But the process of creation itself is what most engages me. The allure of a peaceful mind is irresistible. The process is good for the soul. The act of creation soothes and clarifies my own center.

My mind becomes like a summer sky, I am either empty of clouds, or they are passing and fleeting. 


  1. Kanchan, what a beautiful way to express the essence of the process of creation. I will always remember your metaphor about clouds. That is truly the state I exist in when I am creating. So healing and peaceful and all encompassing. Thank you. Rhonda

  2. I love how you describe the creative process. You write so beautifully about it. I love that place of creative calm one finds when they release themselves to making art. When I walk into my studio, I am embraced with that feeling, so awesome.

    Have a lovely weekend!