Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flood Zone Evacuation

Today is a time to think of staying in the moment and loving what you’re doing with each and every day. You don’t know when you are about to lose almost everything. 

Our city is flooded. We live in a bowl shaped valley in the confluence of two rivers. Roiling water surged over the flood walls built decades ago to tame the Susquehanna River. 

Though my family is safe and sound, our neighbors are losing their homes.  Since last night, people began getting phone calls with recorded instructions from the government telling them to evacuate.  
Around 7 o’clock 20,000 people were simply told to leave their homes, taking their pets and medications with them. Those people are living in Red Cross shelters now. How must it be to watch the news expecting to see a glimpse of your home or what is left of it?  

The government has banned all passage though the city of Binghamton. Only emergency vehicles have access to much of the city and surroundings. You can hear siren’s calling in the distance.  
Houses hold several feet of water. Parking lots are filled with cars mired under water. Lourdes Hospital is flooded, the river is more than high.

Why am I telling you this now? 

Because it reminds me to live my everyday life in the moment. To appreciate it in it’s fullness. We never know what tomorrow may bring, so I practice  mindfulness.
For me that happens to mean creating something beautiful with ordinary paper. 


  1. I hope you are safe.. Not a fun thing to go through but you are right.. Live everyday in the moment.
    Karen from flying lessons

  2. I'm just going through all the "flyers" post notifications, not being able to keep up with them...and I saw your post about Binghamton. I grew up in Chenango Valley. I talked with my cousin who lives in Endicott she said she's ok. Oh my it's unbelievable to think of Binghamton closed. I hope you're ok...