Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Looking Inwards

I am so happy I don’t have to kill my computer. I still may kill the internet …

My name is Kanchan and I want to figure out how I got to where I’m standing right now. Barnes and Noble’s is showing my artwork this month and I’m about to explode.  I am a collage artist.  I take images from books and magazines and recycle them by gluing them together until I feel I have something of beauty in my hands. I love pattern, texture and vivid colors. Bright colors are like loud music on the beach in summer to me  …it’s all about just feeling in the groove.  I love warm colors the way I love the sun and warmth.  Here is one of my favorites, it’s called Celestial ...

When I try to figure out how I came to this place in my life, I always think it was a good thing  that I broke my leg that summer … if I hadn’t fell, I’d have no pictures to share with you. I wouldn’t even know what you can really do with a blog. So I’m tired, it’s late. Perhaps I’ll let the internet live and just go to sleep … goodnight from New York. ~ Kanchan


  1. Kanchan, isn't it amazing the beauty that can come from difficulty! Congrats on your post...and your show. Fly high, Rae Payne.

  2. Kanchan it was so nice to meet you at B&N the other day! It was wonderful to speak with you, and such a coincidence- even moreso that it was on such a triumphant day in your life with B&N showcasing your artwork. All the best to you, hope we meet again! -Andrea