Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flooding All Around

The internet has survived my wrath as has the wonderful i-Mac I am typing on. Nice computer, good computer, sit , sit, … no, don’t play dead!

Well, we had a weird day today! Half of my patients didn’t come in because of the torrential rains we’ve had since yesterday. Roads are closed. Could be in for Another Big Flood like the huge one in 2006, and the not-so-big flood that followed.  The river is high … very high … just the tops of those huge old trees poking up out of the swollen muddy water.

I’m a New York City gal, so it's thrilling in the same way that a large snowfall is when you get to stay home from school. Today, though, just rain pelting your head from car to building and back again.

I know I promised you more of the story of my broken leg …

So I just left a very secure job to start my own private practice.  Then I fell down the stairs and fell hard with all my weight on my right ankle, it gave, and ended up broken in two places.  I found out I don’t scream when I’m in a helluva lot of pain … I just, well I just … sorta howl … like an animal, in fact. Next thing you know, I’m in a wheelchair,  but my office can only be reached only a steep staircase.

But how did I start collaging like this?

Well, I  think I wrote too much tonight, I think & I have to go help with the chicken (by help I mean eat of course) and hope to collage some tonight, so I’ll keep you posted  …

So goodnight from New York ~ Kanchan

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  1. i like the look of your background a lot. and as you asked for honesty - i don't like the font of your writing very much as i have a hard time making out these curving letters - but that's just me.
    i wish you all luck and good times for your show. what an incredible chance!
    greetings from similarly rainy germany.