Friday, September 9, 2011

Flood Relief In Binghamton New York

I plan to post the following at Barnes and Noble’s 

In The Garden of Creation 

My name is Kanchan Mahon. I am an area physician. My practice is in Endwell and I live in Vestal. I also make art, and have some of my work is on display here at Barnes and Noble's. I have about 50 additional pieces of art. I would like to donate the proceeds from their sale to the flood relief funds.

It would honor my art to be useful in such a way.

Check my website at for pieces. Or contact me at


  1. that is a lovely thing to do. I am an artist/teacher who lives in the Hudson Valley. Many of the towns here have been devastated by the floods. It is so sad. My studio got flooded, but I had most of my items on tables off the floor.

    Your work is lovely..stop by my website..which is in desperate need of an update. did you make such and amazing blogspot page? I did mine, but it was a struggle. Did you write html for it? patti

  2. oh and my blogspot page is